About Gambling Helpline


Gambling Helpline is a 24 hour, freephone helpline for those worried about gambling or the gambling of others. You can call us to receive immediate support, to be referred to another gambling support organisation, or for information services for problem gambling. Gambling Helpline is the helpline associated with the Government's Choice Not Chance campaign to end harmful gambling. 

At Gambling Helpline we:


Offer phone support and counselling to encourage you when making the changes you want to make

We can call you back, discreetly, for ongoing support and encouragement

We can offer you support and practical suggestions when in crisis, and if necessary, provide crisis intervention

Dedicated services for Maori and Pacific people, if you wish to use these

A dedicated Gambling Debt helpline to support you and offer you practical programmes around your gambling financial issues

Gambling self-help tools and other literature that you may find helpful

We can refer you to your local (where available) face-to-face counselling agency, Gamblers Anonymous group, and any other gambling related services to assist you

If you choose to attend face-to-face counselling we can provide ongoing support and encouragement between your appointments

An online chat room/forum where you can share your story and receive support from others

Support by email and text

Support for youth via phone and website

General gambling information

Consumer information

Call us on 0800 654 655 or free text on 8006




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